Foldupp helps you better organize your icons, bookmarks, videos and documents.

You can create folders, set colors, create unlimited sub-folders, and organize everything in one app. No messy home screens anymore, no endless search for an app, video or document.

With well named and structured folders, you can find something in just seconds!

Features in a nutshell

  • “Default app folders” with apps generation
  • Newly installed apps added automatically
  • Live app-icons
  • Animated icons
  • App badges
  • Custom font and folder colors
  • Folder background animations
  • Foldupp Pro features to import and export, animated backgrounds
  • Full File Manager functionality, Image thumbnails
  • Shortcuts to SD Card content
  • AI sorting option
  • Default app shortcuts added, but apps are not installed automatically
  • List or grid view, multiple selection, copy, paste, move, delete
  • Optional YouTube sync (Playlists to Folders)
  • Import Chrome, Firefox, Edge and Opera bookmarks
  • Last used folder at startup
  • Receiving shared content (map link, link to website, link to Google Docs, etc)
  • App as a widget, custom sizes, landscape or portrait
  • App quick links (to open app in a specific folder) on Home screen
  • Help / “How to do” videos